Sunday, 2 March 2014

Inspiration From A Wallpaper Pattern

Inspiration is all around us, maybe even something that we have passed by hundreds of times but never taken the time to see.

I was at my Grandmothers the other evening and my husband called on my mobile. He works away from home and we usually only have the one opportunity in the day to speak. I had to take the call in the hallway, on account of the TV volume being dialled up to 99 (thank goodness it doesn't go any higher, unlike the central heating which seems hotter every time I visit. I think it might make a reptile sweat).

My Grandmother has probably had the same decor in her hallway since I was a teenager, which is quite some time, but I hadn't really given it any attention before. 

While standing in the hallway on the phone I took a good look and liked what I saw enough to snap a quick picture.

As I was looking at it an idea instantly jumped into my head and I knew I had to snap this picture or it would be gone by the time I got home.

I have done this before; seen something that brought an idea to my head so I took a picture, but this is the first time that I've actually done anything about it. All of the other inspiring images are either still on my phone or filed away on the computer somewhere.

While I was looking at the picture I started to make a few quick little sketches with some notes on.

Ignoring how cluttered my workspace is, you can see these are just rough sketches where I've written down all of the ideas as they were coming to me (there were more notes on it by the time I was done but you get the idea).

From my sketches and the original photograph I have now produced six backgrounds!! Still work to be done embellishing and adding sentiments but I think this little snapshot has yielded a few nice ideas.

6 card layouts and their inspiration

I'm still working on the completed cards so come back soon.

You can view the completed cards
Wallpaper Inspiration Continued


  1. Love how you are cross-referencing media! Will give the best results!! Can;t wait to see your final card. Will you show us in our new party that will open later today?

  2. Thank you Rose, it was a really fun process too!


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