Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Stampin' Up stash distraction

I'm sitting in the dining/play/craft room. Trying my very hardest to complete my Open University assignment, which is due on Friday.

However, I haven't put my craft stuff away properly (no-one will be surprised by that) and I can actually hear my stamp sets calling out to me and I just really want to make something. I have lots of ideas too since we had a stampin' up team meeting at the weekend and I've been inspired by what the other demonstrators have been up to.

This assignment is taking far too long. Must try to stay focused.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Using Up some Paper "scraps"

Covered Mini Jotters

I used up some "scrap" pieces of designer series paper to cover these tiny little jotters and then I topped them with a collage effect image using the Charming set from the spring mini catalogue.

The collage was done using the distressing essentials set with the different ink colours layered on top of one another working from lightest to darkest. The final stamped image, the flower, was then heat embossed to add extra depth.

I was very impressed with the overall result and all done using up offcuts of paper.

Monday, 20 February 2012

My Stampin' Up blog featured in DIY home sweet home

My decorated magazine files was chosed on diy home sweet home to be one of their features. Thank you very much.

Scrapbook Tips for Busy Mums

I have had such a hectic week. First I was ill and now CK is ill. He's also contageous so he's been confined to the house. Hubby is at work so I've had the task of amusing him all to myself, lucky me. I don't know if it's all three year old boys or just mine, but they do not do well indoors.

I've had very little time to do any crafting but what time I have had I've tried to use wisely. I'm way behind on my scrapbooking (haven't even done Christmas yet), so I've made a plan to get caught up.

Firstly I chose my photographs and then I did a very rough sketch.

I trimmed all my paper, chose my embellishments and settled on my final layout.
Then I did another sketch of exactly where everything was and wrote my journaling under that sketch.

Next everything inside the plastic protector and I went on and did another two pages in exactly the same way.

Now what I have is not one finished page. Instead in the same time It would have taken me to do one complete page I have three pages that only need to be glued. I will pop my album in the car, along with my snail adhesive (because it's no mess) and when Cameron is up and around and back to his routine instead of having coffee while he's at playgroup or swimming etc I can finish my pages.

Just make sure that your final sketch is a good one ie all the elements of your layout are marked clearly, otherwise you'll return to it and have no idea what you had decided upon. Also Use up your background papers that already have some layout details on them to speed up the prep work as some of it will already be done for you.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Decorated Magazine Files

I bought some magazine files from ikea a few months ago and they're very practical, cheap but a bit boring. I decided to re-vamp them.

First it got a coat of white acrylic pain which I sanded lightly with some fine sandpaper.

Using the Greenhouse Garden and precious butterflies stamp sets. I stamped my design in pool party, island indigo and real red.

The ink took a while to dry on top of the acrylic paint. The ink used is water based (so water soluble) so and water near this would absolutely ruin my design. They're stored in my dining/craft/play room on a high shelf so it's a risk I'm willing to take. Maybe a mistake, watch this space.