Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Handmade Christmas Crackers

Have a go at these Handmade crackers, you can really personalise them plus you get to choose an individual gift for all of your guests.

  • Holly  Berry Bouquet Speciality 12x12 paper
  • toilet roll holders
  • ribbon
  • pines and poinsettias stamp set
  • Inks
  • cracker snaps
  • Joke/riddle
  • paper hats/ masks
  • adhesive snail, sticky strip and stampin dimensionals
  • Paper trimmer and perforator


  • Trim one edge of your paper so it is 20cm long,giving you an oblong.

  • Make two perforated lines paralel to the short edge, 10cm from the edge of both the short sides. 

  • Glue the cracker snap in place along the long edge, leaving enough space for the sticky strip.
  • Put a length of sticky along the edge of the paper.

  • Place the three toilet roll holders along the edge, opposite the sticky strip.
  • Roll the paper around the toilet roll holders. When you near the edge pull off the backing for the sticky strip and stick the paper down. 

  • Line the toilet roll holders so that the middle one is central.

  • Pull one of the end rolls out slightly (around 2 finger widths) and then gently squeeze the gap between the rolls  using the length of your pointing finger and your thumb. Pull it out a bit more and squeeze it again. Repeat this a few times. Now, gently, twist the end roll slightly then push the two rolls together again.

  • Now it's time to fill your cracker with your gifts and jokes etc.
  • Once you have everything inside repeat the previous step to close the other half of the cracker.
  • Tie the ends with ribbon and then embellish with your own stamped images, beads, buttons, ribbons or whatever might take your fancy.( I only had whisper white ribbon so I coloured it with the real red stamping pad.)

The colours that co-ordinate with the paper pack are cherry cobbler, real red, chocolate chip, very vanilla, so safron and wild wasabi.

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