Saturday 28 July 2012

Pop Up Photo Album Card Tutorial

This album has some photos from our recent family vacation to Florida. I haven't been able to find the time recently to do a vacation scrapbook so I thought a nice alternative was to do a mini album. This would also make a great card.

Supplies needed:
- Daffodil Delight, 2 sheets of A4 and 1 A5.
-Tangerine tango, A4 card stock, 1 sheet.
-Real Red, A4 card stock, 1 sheet.
-9 photos.
-Big top Birthday quick accents or other similar embellishments.

Forming the Central Panels

  • Take 2 sheets of Daffodil Delight and trim (the long edge) to 148mm (this will be marked on your trimmer as A5).
  • Score at 105 mm (half fold A5) and 210 mm straight through from top to bottom. 

Creating the pop up pages

  • Next make a small score, about 2cm long at 52.5mm (gate fold A5), on top and bottom. This will be the pop up fold line.
  • Crease the 210mm score line (made in previous step). Butt this edge against the side and make 2 small score lines, at 52.5mm, about 2cm long at both top and bottom. This will also be a pop up fold line.

  • Now we want to score the cut line. There are 2 cut lines, one on the top and the other on the bottom.
  • We already have guide marks, from the previous steps, the pop up fold line shows where the cut lines begin and end. We will use the 26mm channel, on the simply scored board. (If using another score board you can choose an appropriate score line).

  • Place the card on the scoreboard and fold one panel up (as in picture), look over the top, of the folded panel, to judge when the scoring tool is in the correct channel. 
The metric scoring plate is great here, because there aren't as many channels you can find the right one easily. 

  • Score the line and stop when you are level with the guide marks.
  • Rotate the card again and score the short 'guide' score lines till they meet the 'cut' line. You may have to do this a few times until the meet up nicely.

(You could just score the pop up lines all the way through. You could cover the crease with some decoration or embelishment)

  • Repeat the previous steps for the other edge and then cut, both lines, with a knife. Burnish all of your score lines and fold into the correct shape.

The central panels will fold to give one peak and one valley. The narrow strips at the edges will give fold to give two peaks and two valleys.

Forming The End Panels

  • Cut the Tangerine Tango into two A5 sheets.
  • Make a score line at 52.5mm. Rotate 180 degrees and score again at 52.5mm. (Same as a gate fold card)

  • Burnish the score lines and fold to give one peak and one valley.
  • Do the other sheet in the same way.

Assembling the Card

  • The finished card will be symmetric and the two central panels will fit together on an A5 sheet. This is shown below.

  • The Tangerine pieces go on the outer edges of the Daffodil pieces, the edges of the daffodil delight card stock will be on show so we want to decorate these. I used the big shot to emboss this, the embossing folder didn't reach the full length. To fill the gap I lined up the embossing folder with the existing pattern and used my scoring tool to dry emboss the remainder by hand.
A border punch on the edge would also work well.

  • Glue the two daffodil delight sections, centrally, to an A5 daffodil delight sheet. Disguise the seem, I used a paper ribbon from the Big Top Birthday, Quick Accents.

  • Glue the tangerine tango sections to the daffodil delight sections.

  • Now it's time to decorate.

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